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You are simply just a wallet to me. Your cock is worthless, your compliments don't turn me on, so what else do you have left? Your money. My body distracts you, which makes funding my luxurious life even easier. It's time to sacrifice it all!

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[1.1GiB] Commit Yourself To Me 08:15 1.1GiB

Commit Yourself To Me - Brat barbie

[668.7MiB] Big Ass Relapse 08:06 668.7MiB

Big Ass Relapse - Brat barbie

[201.6MiB] Make Me Wet | Snap & Send! 07:10 201.6MiB

Make Me Wet | Snap & Send! - Brat barbie

[1010.9MiB] You're a Total Loser 07:36 1010.9MiB

You're a Total Loser - Brat barbie

[134.6MiB] Pump Pay Obey 07:31 134.6MiB

Pump Pay Obey - Brat barbie

[886.9MiB] Birthday Preparations 06:40 886.9MiB

Birthday Preparations - Brat barbie

[700.8MiB] Lust for leggings 08:28 700.8MiB

Lust for leggings - Brat barbie

[430.5MiB] Are You a Pornosexual? 05:12 430.5MiB

Are You a Pornosexual? - Brat barbie

[963.2MiB] Total Brat Addict 07:12 963.2MiB

Total Brat Addict - Brat barbie

[806.1MiB] Bikini Brat #2 | Shiny Dose of Dopamine 05:52 806.1MiB

Bikini Brat #2 | Shiny Dose of Dopamine - Brat barbie

[720.5MiB] Gooner For Hot Pink 05:15 720.5MiB

Gooner For Hot Pink - Brat barbie

[257.9MiB] Bikini Brat #1 03:08 257.9MiB

Bikini Brat #1 - Brat barbie

[127.0MiB] You're Obsessed 04:31 127.0MiB

You're Obsessed - Brat barbie

[858.3MiB] Seduced into Sending 06:17 858.3MiB

Seduced into Sending - Brat barbie

[439.8MiB] Melt Machine 03:15 439.8MiB

Melt Machine - Brat barbie

[830.6MiB] You Are a Simp For LIFE! 06:03 830.6MiB

You Are a Simp For LIFE! - Brat barbie

[157.2MiB] Simp 4 Submission 08:48 157.2MiB

Simp 4 Submission - Brat barbie

[482.3MiB] Dreamy Worship Wonderland 05:50 482.3MiB

Dreamy Worship Wonderland - Brat barbie

[165.7MiB] 2 (SIMP)le Slave Tasks 09:17 165.7MiB

2 (SIMP)le Slave Tasks - Brat barbie

[819.9MiB] Submission is Ecstasy 06:02 819.9MiB

Submission is Ecstasy - Brat barbie

[386.7MiB] Ignored By My Feet RIP-OFF! 03:26 386.7MiB

Ignored By My Feet RIP-OFF! - Brat barbie

[714.3MiB] You Beg to be Owned 05:15 714.3MiB

You Beg to be Owned - Brat barbie

[55.2MiB] Stroke Bot Turned Pay Bot 03:07 55.2MiB

Stroke Bot Turned Pay Bot - Brat barbie

[221.5MiB] TIT WOR$HIP RIP-OFF! 01:40 221.5MiB

TIT WOR$HIP RIP-OFF! - Brat barbie

[853.4MiB] Beta Bait 06:16 853.4MiB

Beta Bait - Brat barbie

[991.8MiB] 1..2..3.. HAND OFF! 07:27 991.8MiB

1..2..3.. HAND OFF! - Brat barbie

[692.4MiB] Relapse is Inevitable 06:10 692.4MiB

Relapse is Inevitable - Brat barbie

[37.0MiB] This is a Rip-Off DUH! 01:58 37.0MiB

This is a Rip-Off DUH! - Brat barbie

[122.1MiB] Triggered! Ass Addict 06:50 122.1MiB

Triggered! Ass Addict - Brat barbie

[1.1GiB] Delicious Distraction 08:18 1.1GiB

Delicious Distraction - Brat barbie

[860.1MiB] Do As I Say 06:16 860.1MiB

Do As I Say - Brat barbie

[894.7MiB] Failtober 06:31 894.7MiB

Failtober - Brat barbie

[1.2GiB] Message From Your Cult Leader 09:20 1.2GiB

Message From Your Cult Leader - Brat barbie